This is my first blog post, so I’m naturally a bit nervous about what to write… or at least whether anyone will read it/enjoy it. It was that feeling of being worried what people would think about the things that I will say in my blog which gave me the idea for my first post.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve decided to overcome a few of my misgivings about social networking sites and get a bit more involved with it all. I’ve had a Facebook account for years and barely ever posted anything on it because of the niggling thought, “Who cares?” However, since plucking up the courage to be a bit more active, join Twitter (have passionately fought against joining the ‘Twittersphere’) and Vimeo, I’ve found the experience really enjoyable. People have responded positively, adding to the conversations and thought processes of life. I’ve had fun getting stuck into comment streams and sharing in the jokes online. I’ve loved retweeting the posts that I have found most valuable, funny or challenging and finding new people to listen to.

The penny dropped for me the other day, when I reposted an article from some guy from half way across the world and someone that I haven’t seen for years (and may not share a lot of my views on things) said how much they’d appreciated it. What an awesome thing it is that an open and engaging dialogue is potentially only one post/status/tweet away! I love discussion, and despite the fact that I’m pretty opinionated, I also love listening to what other people have to say about things too. There’s nothing better than going away from a conversation thinking, “Hmm, I’ll have to chew that one over a bit more,” especially when that conversation involved a glass of vino or two.

I don’t want to advocate simply sharing whatever stuff springs to mind, nor any kind of offensive statements which have been brought to life in the press recently. However, I think that there are a lot of wonderful people in the world who have something to offer by sharing their thoughts. The process of shaping those ideas and opinions into a blog can even be helpful to the individual writing them, so it seems fairly win/win to me.

So here we go then… this would appear to be the aim of my blog: to share thoughts and opinions, and to use the voice that the internet so luxuriously affords us. I know that not all of those sentiments will be popular and agreed with, but hopefully there’ll be some interesting discussions arise from them.

I guess the balance comes from using your ears (metaphorically) as well as your voice. I’ll try my best!


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